We are committed to providing our customers with high quality fireworks at the lowest prices and we will continue to do so. However 2021 is a challenging year with a MASSIVE PRODUCT SHORTAGE in the fireworks industry. We are encouraging our customers not to wait until the last minute, if you do there is a very good chance there will be nothing left to buy, not even from our competitors. We will be closing off wholesale in the end of May so if you are a wholesale buyer please email to place an order while we are still accepting them. There has been freight surcharges of $5800, $3600, $1800 and the latest of $3400 and the ports in China just keep on adding additional charges. These fees increased our shipping costs by over 100% Many distributors tried to wait until the freight prices were low again creating a massive fireworks shortage that our industry has never seen before. Over 60% of the fireworks that were ordered by our country in 2021 will not arrive this year caused by numerous factors such as; the Maersk ship losing 750 containers, the “Ever Given” ship that got stuck in the Suez Canal disrupting the supply chain and delaying imports to the United States; port closures in Canada forced Canadian companies to redirect their imports to the east coast creating a bottle neck at the ports leading to months of delays to get containers out. There was also tightening restrictions on fireworks manufacturing. Fireworks factories were shut down on 4 separate occasions creating a production delay that the industry will never recover from. Furthermore the Chinese government is now restricting fireworks factories to what they can produce, many items were banned from export. Even simple things like fuse are now banned from export. The Chinese government has 3 more meetings coming up in 2021 regarding the restrictions on 1.4g consumer fireworks. They intend to tighten the rules and make fireworks “SAFER”. Some of the proposed restrictions are the maximum gram weight would change from 500g to 350g and 1.75” canister shells will change to 1.5”. With that being said; we do not expect to have the same products we are allowed to carry this year in the coming years. Currently we have a buying surge like we have never seen before. Our average order size has tripled year over year. Most of our customers are stocking up on 500g cakes as the industry expects the restriction of 500g cakes to the new 350g size – We are currently heavily stocked with a massive selection of fireworks but we expect that to change in the coming weeks. We are urging all of our customers to get their orders in as early as possible to avoid being left with nothing to choose from.

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