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Roman Candle Fireworks in PA

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Boomer Candle


Chirping Oriole Candle


Flashing Thunder


American Lancer

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Price: $5.99
Price: $5.99
Price: $5.99
Price: $3.99
10 Shot roman candles with alternating effects and various vibrant colors.
Have you heard an Oriole call? It sounds just like this: WHOO WHOO WHOO!
10 Shot roman candle with flashing. Very loud reports. Hard to pass on these.
American Lancer Roman Candle - 8 Shot assorted colors and assorted effects.

21st Century Candle


Legal Max


Roman Candle Assortment


Star Light Candle

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Price: $5.99
Price: $5.99
Price: $3.99
Price: $3.50
These popular 6-packs contain 10-shot roman candles: red, white, and blue pearls, thunder with blue tail, crackling, loud reports, purple balls, red and green tails to reports.
These top selling 6 pack of roman candles carries the max amount of powder allowed by law, hence the name Legal Max!!!
A great set of 9 ten-shot roman candles:  2x Mighty Thor 3x StarBurst (Red and Green Star)
4x Crackling (Straight Crackling)
10 Roman Candles in a pack. Color Pearl 10-Ball with Report. Excellent roman candle. Even better when firing these in the dozens

1 Premium 10 Ball Candle


Blue Thunder


Balls of Fire 210 Shot



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Price: $1
Price: $5.99
Price: $11.99
1 Premium 10 ball roman candle. Each candle will shoot out 10 shots of assorted colors and effects.
The only blues you’ll get with these candles are the eight blue balls that shoot out and explode!
Balls of Fire: Large neon roman candle fountain that shoots 210 Shots of color, largest manufactured.

*Pricing, availability, promotions and advertised prices are subject to change without any prior notice. Promotional items may require additional purchases. While supplies last!