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About Brooklyn Fireworks

Hi, Pete Matra here owner and operator of "Brooklyn Fireworks" in Tannerville Pennsylvania. I have been in the fireworks business for over 40 years, alot of my PYRO friends know me from the previous named store that I was a part of..
Brooklyn Fireworks was created deep from my bensonhurst roots. From a kid on 65th Street, I went to Shallow Jr. High School, shooting fireworks doing shows and competing against Satellite Park back in the day was just what we did in brookyn. Fireworks have been in our family for over three generations. I now proudly bring my son Peter Jr. & My daughter Carly into into the family business, as they enjoy and love fireworks as much as the rest of our family.
Our goal at Brooklyn Fireworks is to have the lowest prices in the state of Pennsylvania. We will compete with any store or advertised special posted. Brooklyn Fireworks will be importing from Big, FOA Spirit of 76, Winda, Dominator, AHH,Black Cat and so many more for our pyro friends. So stop on by and come say hello to the family, we would love to meet you and begin a great pyro relationship with you. Once you shop at Brooklyn Fireworks and you enjoy the way we do business , we hope that you will spread the word that Pete Matra is still here along with his family, and would love to talk a little brooklyn pyro with you!!!!!!!
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