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500g Multi Shot Repeaters

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Rags To Riches


Target Shooting

runaway firework tannersville
Fireworks Sale Tannersville PA Buy Fireworks Tannersville
buy fireworks PA wholesale fireworks store NJ NY PA
target shooting fireworks store
Price: $39.99
Price: $29.99
Price: $29.99
Price: $39.99
27 Shots an Cake - It starts with rows of bright color dahlia, then color falling leaves, white strobe and ending with brocade and silver chrysanthemum. At our fireworks store in PA
Notorious is infamous for its brocade willow with colorful tips and double-layered timerain mine. Ends with a barrage of powerful screamers. A great show at a great price!
Features three-layer mines of green stars, golden strobe, and blue stars to brocade crown with gold and green strobes. Incredible price for another good piece!
28 Shots - Fan Cake -Big gold palm w/ blue mine; crackle w/ red tip; big gold palm; loud chrys finale. This is an insane piece made only by supreme fireworks.

Nuclear Strike






Bullet Blaster

nuclear strike firework stroudsburg store
Fireworks Sale Pennsylvania Fireworks Store Wholesale fireworks
Fireworks Sale Delaware Water Gap Fireworks for sale shawnee PA
bullet blaster fireworks store 18372
Price: $34.99
Price: $34.99
Price: $38.99
Price: $24.99
24 Shots - Red tail to red strobe & white strobe; blue tail to brocade crown & blue peony; red tail to red glittering willow & white strobe. This is great fireworks display for sale only at our tannersville store
Silver swirls with color strobing mines to lemon, sky blue, deep purple dahlias with green strobes, orange, emerald , blue dahlias with red strobes, peach, light green, and sky blue dahlias with golden strobes. WOW 
A cake with all the noise and light of Carnival! Loud whistling mines with colors pearls and strobes to ruby, emerald, lemon, blue assorted dahlias with color strobes and ti-chrysanthemum. Another amazing winda piece
12 Shots with unique effects shooting up in the IVV pattern. Definetly a must have this year at an incredible low price. Our inventory will not last long with quality fireworks on sale at our store in Tannersville

Extremely Dangerous


Train Wreck




Amped Up

extremely dangerous fireworks
train wreck firework cakes
Fireworks Sale Stroudsburg PA Best Fireworks Store
Fireworks Sale Analomink PA Fireworks Sale tannersville
Price: $39.99
Price: $39.99
Price: $34.99
Price: $24.99
50 Shots - Fan Cake - It features bright color comets and whistles with mines , ending with spectacular breaking of mix effects. A must have firework for this year!
26 Shots - 1st Row Of Bloody Red Dahlia With White Strobe Pistil; 2nd Row of Silver Dahlia With Red Strobe Pistil; 3rd Row of Blue Dahlia & Gold Strobe; then 3 more rows!
This Panda cake flings flaming gold tiger tails with green strobe mine that break with gold palm and green strobes. 200ft+ high breaks 100-150ft wide! A beautiful effect!
Shoot fireworks like a pro with this set of assorted 500 grams from Winda. Choose from Like a Boss, Like a Champ, Like a Hero, and Like a Star. Unique triangle packaging.

Hunting Season


Wings of Fire


Breaking Bad


Spot Light

hunting season fireworks cake
Fireworks Sale Canadensis PA fireworks allentown pa
Fireworks Sale Broadheadsville PA fireworks at shawnee
Fireworks Sale Blakeslee PA Fireworks at camelback
Price: $19.99
Price: $39.99
Price: $19.99
Price: $29.99
Big breaks burst with brocade crown, purple coconut, green glitter, multicolor dahlia, silver glitter, and green & blue to peach.
Fill the sky with Wings of Fire. A steady pace of brocade mine to brocade breaks keep the night sky covered in gold for 30 seconds.
A beautiful value cake from Bright Star. Dont like the price fool you. This cake will blow your mind. 24 second duration! Check this one out!
This 9 shot cake combines 9 big loud shots of white, green, and red strobing effects that fill the sky! Another bright star piece that will not disapoint!

Hearts of Fire


Swamp Gator


V Power


Jail Bait

hearts of fire fireworks
swamp gator firework winda
Wholesale Fireworks PA Fireworks Store near me
Price: $39.99
Price: $34.99
Price: $29.99
Price: $49.99

:500g Cake Red/green palm trees and red/green timerain willow shoot at V and W angles alternatively. Grand finale of color timerain willows!
Outtanding NEW crossfiring aerial by Bright Star Fireworks. Fantastic glittering three shot finale. Absolutely worth the price for a V shaped cake
Huge gold willows changing to multi-color stars and peonies with crackling pistils build up to a gold willow with blue tips and crackling pistil finale.



Purple Red Lemon Green


Angry Pandas


Cant Touch This

atomic fireball firework store
Wholesale Fireworks Delaware Water Gap fireworks store pa
Wholesale Fireworks Pennsylvania fireworks store camelback
Wholesale Fireworks East STroudsburg PA fireworks store shawnee
Price: $48.99
Price: $29.99
Price: $29.99
Price: $34.99 *
30 shot cake with BIG breaks of red, blue and silver strobes. Rapid fire machine gun firework cake. An absolute must see for yourself. Tons of glitter and strobe. Warning - This piece is Loud!
Pick your color! VIVID purple , green, yellow, and red to choose from. Incredible height and amazing large breaks in the sky. Loud and powerful. Great fpr special occasions or for fillers in your show.
This is a 14-shot masterpiece. Shoots green peonies, green strobes, gold strobes and gold palms. Alternates V and W angles. Ends with a crackling willow finale. This 500g cake is packed!
Silver swirling tails with red dahlias and white strobe break; silver tiger tail comets to white strobe; powerful finale with time rain mine and bursts with emerald and ruby dahlias! Awesome cake!

Strawberry Lemonade


Whistling Wings


Vegas at Night


Wild Boar

strawberry lemonade fireworks for sale
whistling wings firework store in tannersville pa
buy fireworks PA wholesale fireworks store NJ NY PA
target shooting fireworks store
Price: $35.99
Price: $26.99
Price: $14.99
Price: $24.99
Crackling tails lead to crackling palms with lemon-yellow and strawberry-red stars.
Whistling tails lead to multicolor peonies and falling leaves with birdshot crackle.
Features a mix of purple palm with crackle, silver tail to silver cyclone, and more.
Thick color mines lead up to gold and color breaks. Features a whistling barrage.

Old Ironsides


Current Events


Mason Dixon


High Falutin

Old ironsides fireworks tannersville
best fireworks store around
class B Fireworks tannersville Pennsylvania 18372
Shop Fireworks Store Pocono Manor PA 18349
Price: $22.99
Price: $19.99
Price: $23.99
Price: $39.99
Alternating rows of silver tails to silver glitter, green tails to green glitter, and gold tails to brocade. Ends with a five-shot finale of gold tails to brocade.
Alternating red crackling stars, green bouquets and blue bouquets. A great value from Brothers packed 8 per case. 5 Shot Finale! Check this one out!
Alternating red tail to red stars, blue tail to blue stars, and silver tail to silver glitter with a five-shot finale of crackling willows to red and blue stars. 350 gram!
Red, green or blue tails to red, green and blue bouquets, alternating silver, gold, or purple tails to silver glitter, gold willows 14 shot finale

Hit The Road Jack


Blonde Joke




Fat Lady

class b firework cakes tannersville PA
Blond Joke Fireworks Tannersville PA 18372
Where to buy fireworks
Fireworks Outlet
Price: $39.99
Price: $36.99
Price: $39.99
Price: $39.99
Red and silver tails to bouquets, blue tails to blue stars, green tails to red, blue, and silver glitter, gold tails to brocade. 50 Seconds
This is one outstanding cake. Alternating red crackling stars, green bouquet, crackling tails, and blue bouquets to crackling tails. 12 shot HUGE finale. Best Seller!
Brothers 16 shot. 16 nice shots with crackle. These are great on their own but even better when you fire off 2-4 of them at the same time!!!!!!!!
Unique effects in this cake brocade crown horsetails with chrys tips, strobe willow with color dahlia, kamuro breaks with white strobe!

Sharp Shooter






Temper Tantrum

The Fireworks Superstore Tannersville PA
Impressionist Fireworks Store PA
Fireworks Shop Fireworks in PA
Wholesale Fireworks Shop Temper Tantrum Brooklyn Fireworks
Price: $49.99
Price: $39.99
Price: $36.99
Price: $34.99
12 Shot - Red green yellow and silver wave all with silver tails ending with a 3 shot finale. Huge hard breaking shots. All 2" Shell shots!!!!!!!!
An absolutely sick Winda cake. Super vibrant neon colors fan out from left to right and right to left. 5 shot spread finale!
Brothers 36 shot cake with comet tails to various breaks. Assorted effects, whistling , crackling and all!
9 Shot - Sky blue with silver strobe purple and green with silver strobe!

18 car pile up


Gold Rush


True Art


Cosmic Collision

Fireworks Superstore
The Fireworks Superstore Tannersville PA
Fireworks Store Tannersville PA 18372
cosmic collision firework
Price: $34.99
Price: $29.99
*Price: $19.99
Price: $24.99
It's a small package with many explosive bursts! Alternating bursts of huge brocade and blue stars; Changing to red and green coconut; Finishing with huge LOUD crackling silver chrys. 9 shots.
There's gold in them thar skies! Check out the gigantic bursts of gold brocade with crackling rain, gigantic gold brocade with white glitter and gigantic gold brocade to red and green glitter. 12 shot count.
27 shots - Palms with glitter. 45 second long cake with a nice finale! Tthis is a sick cake that you should add to your fireworks display this year! Great value for the duration!
Sixteen beautiful crackling silver mines with multi-color pearls on top; red and green pearls, silver pearls, yellow and blue pearls. Followed by a wall of 4 giant, loud crackling

Night Circus


Pop Stars


One Night Stand


All Jacked Up

Night Circus Firework
pop stars firework
buy fireworks tannersville pennsylvania 18372
all jacked up firework fan cake
Price: $49.99
Price: $34.99
Price: $24.99
Price: $39.99
It’s the Greatest Show In The Sky! Green glitter mines to spectacular bursts of fresh red; sky blue dahlia; lemon dahlia shooting over and over so that the colors fill the sky. Ending with gigantic bursts of green glitter. 30 shot count.
Bursts of fresh red and white glitter; Bursts of fresh red and sky blue with white glitter; enormous bursts of fresh red, sky blue and green glitter with white glitter; Bursts of lemon, sky blue and white glitter; 20 shot count total
This One Night Stand could be the best you’ve ever had! Alternating gigantic bursts of brocades with white glitter and gigantic red and blue brocades with flitting horse-tails that fill the sky! 6 shot

This one explodes one blast after another! Spectacular silver tiger tail to monstrous bursts of sky blue, red and white glitter. Ending in enormous brocades! This is an amazing cake that everyone must have. Check it out! 25 Shots.

Outa Control


Big Bad and Loud


Thunder Guns


Mob Boss

outa control firework
Big Bad and Loud Firework
thunderguns fireworks store
mob boss fireworks in PA
Price: $39.99
Price: $36.99
Price: $36.99
Price: $19.99
Gold glitter mines precede gigantic bursts of green, purple and sky blue with gold glitter; Lemon, sky blue and blood red with gold glitter; Sky blue, green and blood red with gold glitter; Blood red, sky blue, purple and green with gold glitter; Silver crackling willow with red and green glitter. 20 Shots!
This is as Big and Bad as it gets! Alternating bursts of gigantic silver brocades with red strobing stars; Gigantic silver brocades with green strobing stars; Gigantic silver brocades with white strobing stars; Gigantic silver brocades with LOUD crackling silver chrysanthemums. 9 Shots
These gigantic bursts pound the sky one right after theother with blue star mines to white glitter and fresh red dahlias. Erupting into a volley of gigantic bursts that fill the sky! Rapid fire aerial reapeater. Fast cake. Its like a machine gun blasting glitter into the sky! An absolute must shoot! 30 Shots.
Are you talking to me? 8 shots of awesomeness you have to respect. Red glitter willow and blue star; white glitter willow and red star; crackling willow and red star. Don't let the price fool you! This is actually a really nice performing cake. 8 shots. 8 Large shots. At this price they wont last long.

*Pricing, availability, promotions and advertised prices are subject to change without any prior notice. Promotional items may require additional purchases. While supplies last!


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